MorrisonDance website mockup on Macbook Pro

Web Design Intern


MorrisonDance is a small non-profit art organization dedicated to challenging traditions of dance. This organization brings art to the community and strives to find marriages between art and science.

My job was to create an accessible website that was 508 compliant. This means that the website had to be accessible to people with disabilities because MorrisonDance is a non-profit organization.

Behind the Scenes

Sitemap of MorrisonDance site


After meeting with stakeholders, I created a sitemap to help guide my design decisions and design with accessibility in mind. Throughout the design process, I edited the information architecture of the site in order to fulfill the visions of MorrisonDance stakeholders and to create a coherent website.


I created several different wireframes using Sketch to define my overall design guidelines moving forward.

Wireframe of MorrisonDance Home page
User Flow of 1 use case for Rhetor news app

Coding Accessibly

Developed a 508 responsive website using Bootstrap.