MorrisonDance website mockup on Macbook Pro

UX/UI Lead

Enchanced Campus Experience

Enhanced Campus Experience is an app I helped develop in my Web and Mobile Programming class in college. I expressed interest in developing the interface assets for the app, and my class let me take the lead role in UX/UI development.

Behind the Scenes

style tile for ece app

Style Tile

I created a style tile to help define some of the design decisions that would be made throughout the creation of the application. I defined the colors, textures, and fonts that would be used consistently throughout the design.

Interactive Prototype

I created several different wireframes using Sketch to define my overall design guidelines moving forward..

Wireframe of MorrisonDance Home page
Enchanced Campus Experience screenshots of 2 screens

Extra, Extra!

Other things I completed while working on this project include use cases, user interviews, user research, and user journeys