Dinner Delivered website mockup on Mac

Web Design Work

Dinner Delivered

Dinner Delivered is a fictional food bank that delivers food to elderly people and other people in need.

My challenge was to create an accessible website that was 508 compliant because a large amount of people who would be using this website are people with disabilities. I created an accessible website using Bootstrap and tested the accessibility of the site using VoiceOver.


Behind the Scenes

Sitemap of Dinner Delivered site


After meeting with stakeholders, I created a sitemap to help guide my design decisions and design with accessibility in mind. Throughout the design process, I edited the information architecture of the site in order to fulfill the visions of MorrisonDance stakeholders and to create a coherent website.

User Personas

Who are my users? What appeals to my audience, and what can I do to grab their attention? What kinds of interactions would suit this group of people the most?

These are the kinds of questions I intended to answer by creating user personas. I wanted to investigate exactly who the target audience would be so I can design with my users in mind.

User Persona of Norma- an 80 year old lady in need
Dinner Delivered Style Tile

Style Tile

Developed a 508 responsive website using Bootstrap.


I created wireframes of different screens with a couple of different designs to decide what would be the best overall design of this website, taking into account accessibility and my user base.

I decided to make the UI as simple as possible because the users of this website would be mostly older people. I also wanted to make sure that the site could be easily navigated by a screen reader

User Persona of Norma- an 80 year old lady in need